May 21, 2023

Created To Do Good

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Welcoming the Gifts of the Spirit Passage: Romans 11:33– 12:8

We desire to make a difference. We long to leave a legacy. Ralph Waldo Emerson framed it this way: we hope "to leave the world a little better." Oz Guinness wrote, "Our passion is to know we are fulfilling the purpose for which we are here on earth." As Christians, we believe a key part of connecting to our purpose is self-understanding--knowledge based on how God has designed us. That divine design includes a spiritual gift(s) and how we are uniquely motivated.

This Sunday, we will tackle another list of gifts in the Scriptures to help us discover who we are and our ministry in the church. Join us in-person or online and invite a friend as Pastor Chris Martin continues in our series, Welcoming the Gifts of the Spirit.