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Your Teenager needs a place to encounter God for themselves


“Lifeline exists to help students become Fully Alive, Fully Mature, and Fully On Mission”

Lifeline Student Ministries is a ministry that focuses on students becoming who God created them to be. We realize middle school and high school can be challenging times, especially when you think about growing in your faith. We want to come alongside students and parents to help middle school and high school kids know Jesus’ love for them.

We love partnering with parents in seeing the hearts of teenagers get set ablaze for the meaningful purposes of God for their lives. It's not an easy job but one we feel God has called us to. Young people are clever and well able to find the truth when given the tools of the Kingdom of God. Through the word, worship, and prayer we help students start where they're at with God and grow at a pace that fits how God made them.

Here are a few details about our meet-up times. You can find even more great content by clicking below.

HS Youth Group: Saturday 7-10 pm
HS Discipleship Groups
MS Youth Group: Wednesday 7-9 pm


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Alex Fabian