Why Intergenerational? 

We're passionate about the total wholeness of the family of God as you learn to walk like the Son by the strength of the Holy Spirit. We believe that family has always been God's great idea. We are confident that you are an important part of God's amazing family. Here's how our ministries work with that focus in mind.



Our ministries are designed to strengthen families through an intergenerational approach that brings together children, youth, and parents. We believe that equipping parents to be the spiritual leaders of their families is the most effective way to develop the next generation.

The best way to get involved is to participate wherever your kids are

  • Are they little and loving Cross Crew? Sign up to help one Sunday a month.
  • Are your pre-teens and teenagers working out how to navigate life? Jump into one of our middle or high school hangouts. 
  • Are you ready to pass on wisdom to young parents? Sign up to mentor a young couple trusting God on little-no sleep from their baby phase.

While we provide engaging age-specific programs for Children, Middle School, High School, and College, our heart is to be drawing generations together through events that champion the parents’ role as primary disciple-makers.

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