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"It is my desire that our church can be a learning community, where both Christ-followers and skeptics can come together and explore their doubts and the truth claims of Christianity. I hope that our church can foster a place for people to grow in their knowledge of God, their love for God and others, and understanding the purposes He has for them."
Chris is the lead pastor and main teaching pastor at Linworth Road Church. He and his wife Louise were sent from Linworth to plant a church at Kent State University in the 1980s. They returned to Columbus in 1991, established a home with four kids, and Chris grew into the lead pastor at Linworth. Since then he has been involved in training leaders, sending church-planters, shepherding the congregation, and working to make disciples of Jesus.


Most Sundays, we begin and end our service with music. Music is one of many ways we express worship to God as the gathered church. At Linworth we believe that music and singing is an important way that we, as the gathered church, worship God and express our love and need for Him. The style of music that we typically play ranges from classic hymns, modern songs, and original songs.
We typically go through books of the Bible on a Sunday morning. The words from Scripture are eternally timeless, but it is our task to apply them today in our context and world system. At the heart of the message is the simple gospel message that Jesus Christ lived, died on the cross and rose again for the salvation of all.
No church can be effective without an emphasis on prayer. Prayer is communication with God and can be powerful. We pray in various ways and at different times throughout the service. If you desire individual prayer, you will have the opportunity following the service to meet with a member of our prayer team.
Those who put their faith in Jesus are instructed by Him to take the communion elements together - bread and juice, representing His body that was broken and blood that He spilled. This worshipful moment is both deeply personal and corporate, uniting us with the church body in devotion to Christ. We observe this twice a month during our church services.