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The Challenge

cahllengeEvery Linworth life group has been entrusted with seed money to invest in the Kingdom for 2019. We have called this simply The Challenge. The goal is to invest the money and mobilize life group members to serve and share Jesus with our community. The Christmas holidays, by the way, are an ideal time for outreach. 

Let me remind you of the parameters of your chosen activity so that we can be clear on our purpose.

1 –Projects should involve as many group members as possible.
2 – Projects should impact people outside the church (i.e. not a church member or a project on church property).
3 – Projects should impact people. If you choose a service project affecting a place or thing rather than people (i.e. a clean-up project), you can still fulfill this by inviting people outside the church to join you.
4 -- The church will provide winsome invite cards to church and/or web site. In any project, invite people to church or tell them why you are doing this (i.e., we wanted to practically show the love of Christ to our neighbors).
5 -- If appropriate, take photos or video and send to Louise or Jaclyn.

We are excited to see how God grows this seed! Leaders – consider delegating this responsibility to a group member.

Click here for a list of ideas