October 23, 2022

Why the Church Matters

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Ephesians: There is More Passage: Ephesians 3:1–13

Ephesians 3:1-13

We have a fundamental choice in how we approach our participation in the life of the church. We can see the church through the eyes of a consumer or a contributor. If through the eyes of a consumer, our participation will eventually fade or wither to a legalistic obligation. Left to inertia, that’s the usual path. In this section of Ephesians, we will learn how to see through the eyes of a contributor. We are reminded why the church matters and why our wholehearted participation in it makes a difference both in the seen and unseen world. Is the church irrelevant? Hardly! 

Come and learn why the church matters, and invite a friend to attend or watch on-line with you, as Pastor Chris Martin continues in our series through the book of Ephesians, There is More.

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