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The Triumph of the Lamb

November 7, 2021 Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Jesus In Revelation

Passage: Revelation 5:5

Our culture suffers from more than overwork and anxiety. A greater sickness lies beneath it. It’s the loss of awe. If everything can be dissected and explained, then the things in the universe that made your great-grandparents marvel and tremble in the end turn out to be quite ordinary. The book of Revelation cuts against the grain of our cynicism, which reduces everything to something we can manage. It calls us to stand in front of One who is truly worthy of our fear and wonder. In chapter four, God is worshipped as Creator. In chapter five, which we will look at in this message, Jesus as the Lamb is worshipped in the ultimate paradox; for the undefended lamb appears as slain, yet is alive, and He is honored as the very center of reality and history.

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