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A Glimpse of Glory

August 11, 2019 Speaker: Nick Carruthers Series: Luke - The Gospel For Everyone

Passage: Luke 9:28–9:36

In our previous message, we saw Peter confess Jesus as the Messiah. Right after this, Jesus tells his disciples he is going to suffer and die. Certainly, this would not have been the picture of the Messiah they would have been expecting. Perhaps because of that, God the Father, in his grace, allows a few of the disciples to see a glimpse of Jesus in his glory. Not only does he allow them to see Jesus in his glory, but the Father also affirms Jesus’ identity and then commands them to listen to him. In the days ahead, the disciples were going to be challenged by some of the things that Jesus said to them. They were going to have to decide to listen to him and follow him. The same is true in our day. Jesus has shared with us some hard things--things our culture finds offensive. We have a decision to make. Will we obey the Father and listen to Jesus, or will we listen to someone else?

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