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What are miracles? Did they happen in the past? Do they happen now? If not, then what are we to do with the miracles of the Bible, or the miraculous stories we hear on the news, social media, or from our friends and family? Do we take the cynical route and write off everybody as crazy or a fool who believes in miracles or claims to have experienced one? Or do we take the gullible route and believe everything is a miracle, even that parking spot I prayed for? Is there a third way?

Sermons from this Series

Nov 1


November 1, 2015

We Need A Miracle

Speaker: Series: Miracles

Oct 25


October 25, 2015

Dead Men Don't Walk

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Miracles

Oct 18


October 18, 2015

Nothing Comes from Nothing

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Miracles

Oct 11


October 11, 2015

The Science of Miracles

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Miracles

Oct 26


October 26, 2014

Light of the World

Speaker: Mike Faler Series: Miracles