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Breaking Free From the past

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Breaking Free From the past

We are all shaped by our past and for most of us, the primary shaper was our family of origin. Our moms. Our dads. Our grandparents and siblings. We inherit much more than wealth or things. As the saying goes, Jesus might live in our hearts, but grandpa lives in our bones.In this series, we will gently unpack some of these "soul-shaping" characteristics passed down through families--realities like generational sins, relational patterns, scripts, and generational blessings. The freedom promised to us in Galatians empowers us not only to face our past, but to grow from it--not only in self-awareness, but in turning from destructive to life-giving patterns that can bless the generations after us.

January 27, 2019

Repairing The Past

Speaker: Chris Martin Series: Breaking Free From the past