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There are few things in life more exciting than a wedding! We want to do everything we can to help make your day a joyous celebration of God’s grace.
Because marriage is a very significant commitment, Linworth has the following requirements for couples being married through us. These requirements flow from our beliefs and conviction that God has designed marriage to provide a lifelong, loving, and supportive partnership.

  • Both bride and groom must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Both bride and groom must be church members and active participants through activities such as Sunday attendance, small group, or serving in ministry.

  • The couple must be living in separate residences until the wedding day.

  • The couple must commit to maintaining sexual purity prior to marriage.

  • The couple must complete pre-marital counseling. A six month period (minimum) from the day your wedding is booked is required for the pastors to accomplish the counseling.

  • The wedding must be in accordance with the church’s teaching on Biblical marriage. (See Beliefs about Marriage.)

    Any questions regarding the fulfillment of these requirements will be determined by Linworth’s board of elders.

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