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GCC Update


Included in this communication are three links to documents regarding recent developments in our association of churches, Great Commission Churches (GCC).  We had a chance to explain to them to nearly 50 members on Sunday.  We apologize that we had to restrict that number due to meeting inside.    

Some of you have had a strong interest and/or background in our association, while others have had very little interface. For those of you with more interest, you may have questions or concerns about this new direction.  I personally am excited about it, but I recognize I have also had the benefit of time to process it. As to how it will impact you, practically, there will be very little difference. Our Pastors will continue to affiliate and learn from other GCC Pastors. We will continue to teach our historic core values. We are maintaining our support to our global partners, but going forward, we will relate differently concerning our legal structure. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I will do my best to explain both the process and rationale.    

May His Kingdom Come, 

Pastor Chris


Links to more information:

GCC's Public Statement

A Letter to Friends of GCC



CLICK HERE to listen to the audio from our informational meeting last Sunday.


Please check out this special video below of Great Commission Churches Jubilee celebration!