Love Thy Neighbor

July 17, 2024 to July 19, 2024

5:00pm – 8:00pm

Coordinator:  Scott Nishizaki

Love Thy neighbor 2024 (1000 x 800 px) image

Join us as we participate in Love Thy Neighbor, an event hosted by Crossroads World Outreach Ministries in Franklinton. We will begin at 5pm each evening with worship and a message. The Clothing Giveaway will be held on Wednesday, a Cookout by the Church Next Door Men’s Group on Thursday, and the Food Giveaway on Friday. We are usually finished with cleanup around 8pm.

The biggest volunteer opportunities are on Wednesday and Friday. For the Clothing Giveaway, we will need to organize the donated clothes onto tables prior to the event, greet people during the event, then box up/clean up any remaining items after the event. For the Food Giveaway, in addition to organizing the tables with the food items, we will be assisting during the event and with cleanup afterwards. Set up will begin around 4pm on Wednesday and Friday if you are able to make it that early. If you have clothing you would like to donate, you can bring it down to Crossroads (165 S Cypress Ave) on Wednesday. For more information, contact Scott Nishizaki at