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Indoor Church

Linworth Family,

We are excited to be back into our building! Our goal is to do what God calls us to do as a church in a way that minimizes health risks and serves the greatest number of people. We began a generation ago with Acts 2:42 (teaching, fellowship, singing, prayer) as our blueprint. This remains our DNA.     

One quality we will all need over the next few months is flexibility. Aspects of this plan may change as we review weekly. Every week we will have a better feel for the best way to arrange our sanctuary, utilize the overflow/alternative spaces, or determine the optimal location for our children learning and connecting. It will be a challenge to balance the body’s needs, and we welcome your input, as we also ask for your grace. We will prayerfully make decisions according to our goal…serving the greatest number of people.   

So that you can know what to expect, I have detailed the following plans/instructions.    

Before Coming To Church

  • Assess your own health. Remain home and watch online if you do not feel well or have a fever.
  • Bring your own mask.
  • Check your email for any updates prior to coming.
  • Remember that risk cannot be fully averted. While the church is doing what we can to provide a safe environment, it is important for you to be well-informed regarding COVID-19 before attending. 

Prior to Worship

  • The building’s ventilation has been optimized throughout the building with UV lighting.
  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the building.
  • Protocols are posted throughout the building for your reference.

Coming Into Worship

  • Plan on arriving early so we can get you comfortably seated. 
  • The only entrance into the church is through the lobby. You can enter through the lobby doors on your left where the greeter is stationed. You will not be able to enter through the Fellowship Hall door. 
  • Besides the sanctuary, there are multiple places within the church where the service will be live-streamed. You can select any worship location until it has reached its capacity. If you choose an overflow/alternative space, we need you to alert Mandy at the Welcome Desk or another staff member before heading there. There are overflow/alternative spaces in the lobby, missions corner, and Fellowship Hall (11am only).   
  • The chairs have been pre-set in the overflow/alternative spaces. Once those chairs are filled, the space has reached its capacity.   
  • Family and friend groups may sit together.
  • In the sanctuary, based on the size of your group, you will be directed where to sit. Ushers will move chairs if necessary based on the needs of a group. 
  • There will not be a printed bulletin. The service will continue to be available on the BibleApp.
  • There are stations in the lobby where you can pick up communion elements (1st and 3rd Sundays). Those same stations will have collection boxes. No offering basket will be passed. We encourage you to continue giving on-line.

During Worship  

  • During the 9am service, masks are required throughout your entire stay. During the 11am service, masks are required for entry, singing, exiting, and fellowship (inside) after the service. Masks may be removed during the teaching in the 11am service. 
  • We will have Cross Crew for children grades K-5 in the Fellowship Hall during the 9am service.
  • Rooms are available for nursing moms and parents/children in the Cross Crew early childhood wing attached to the lobby during both services.

After Worship

  • Meeting together as a body for fellowship inside and outside is encouraged. Between the services, staff or volunteers will be sanitizing key spaces. Fellowship (inside) after the first service will be limited due to the cleaning. Plan on leaving or continuing conversations outside by 10:25. You can exit through the lobby doors on your left where a volunteer will be stationed.  
  • Please adhere to physical distance and mask wearing guidelines while in the building. 


  • There is obviously an extra strain on everyone involved in bringing the inside service together. Not only do we have new safety measures, but we have also moved from one to two services. Over the next few weeks, as roles solidify, I will communicate what volunteer positions are needed.  

We can’t wait to see you on Sunday! At the same time, we know that others are unable to attend, and we will not all respond the same way to this pandemic. If you cannot attend, be sure to watch online. This is a time for the church to love one another, reach out to one another without judgment, and build each other up. If there is a member you have not seen for quite some time, don’t wait; call them, send them a card, and pray for them. (John 13:33-34)
The world is watching. How will the church be known for its response to COVID? Let’s pull together, fight our tendency towards tribalism, and show the world that someone Bigger and Greater breaks through our differences and unites us.
May His Kingdom Come,
Pastor Chris Martin