If you or your family ever wanted to dip your foot in the water of serving here at Linworth we have the perfect opportunity for you. Our connections ministry, which consists of Sunday morning greeters, ushers and Hospitality Hosts is in need of a large influx of new volunteers. If you can smile and shake someone’s hand, you're qualified.


Working in the food pantry will be a great way to provide physically through giving people food, and spiritually through praying with individuals who come in to the pantry. There are three shifts (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1-3pm), but we are willing to modify the times in order to accommodate volunteer's schedules.


Our worship ministry is currently looking for drummers, keyboard players, electric guitarists. In order to be able to fill one of these positions it is important that you know how to play current styles of worship music (Hillsong, Passion, All Sons and Daughters). We are also looking for someone to fill a sound tech position. Like drumming and electric guitar it is really helpful to be able to mix according to our current style of worship and according to our room size.


You are a unique person gifted by God with special talents and passions. Our ministry wishes to encourage everyone to use those gifts, develop them and even have fun discovering them! Our Cross Crew Children’s Ministry is looking for volunteers who love children, want to serve where they make an eternal difference, desire to serve our parents and families both within our classrooms or behind the scenes, and like to have fun! The following volunteer opportunities are currently available in our ministry:

  • Classroom. Teacher, assistant, substitute teacher, large group leader, small group leader, or assistant
  • Attendance/Registration Team. Greet parents and children; attendance entered into database; security and extra help for classrooms
  • Worship. For one Sunday a month, lead a 15-minute worship time for our 3-year-olds through 5th graders at the beginning of each service
  • Outreach events. Family VBS Sports Camp, June 29-July 1st





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