John wants every reader to know that Jesus is the source of life. Not just physical existence, but a life of meaning and purpose and fulfillment. Jesus as the life-giver drips from the pages of John; a full life here and continuing in the world to come. These words, virtually right in the middle of the gospel, speak to his purpose for coming:

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly " - John 10:10.

This is why we have entitled this series, Reclaiming Life. Jesus leads us to a place where we can discover our purpose, essence, and meaning. He saves us, not only from being eternally lost, but desires to save us now from the effect of sin in our lives.   Sin has a ravaging effect on us. Sin wreaks havoc on us from the inside out. It brings with it the power to corrupt and disintegrate - to break us into tiny little pieces that disconnect us from ourselves, others, and God.  Sin breaks up relationships, families and communities.

In Jesus we can reclaim our lives and begin to live as we were meant to live in freedom, power and joy.  But how we get to this life here contains the element of surprise. John contains stories of people who encountered Jesus - they come to Him expecting one thing, and they receive so much more. Yet it is also true, they find that Jesus asks for far more than they were expecting to give.