Linworth Road Church is actively involved in partnering with missionaries. We have developed a strategic Acts 1:8 model, investing in local, regional, national, and international partnerships.

Supported Missionaries & Organizations


Tyler Flynn | Mission Columbus
Dave Brunelle | The Rock Cleveland


Orphan World Relief
Tom Short Campus Ministries


Frank & Pam Apisa | Italy
Paul & Janice Meiburger |Italy


Angel & Sobeida Amador | Nicaragua
Carlos & Gladys Gomez | Costa Rice
Carlos Carcia | GCLA


Ken Young | RUN Global
Mike Keator | RUN Global

Dale Schuler

"Our goals are to encourage our congregation to be involved in the Great Commission locally, nationally and internationally through service opportunities, mission trips and every day connections with those around them at work, home or wherever they are at the moment. We also support those in the mission field from our churches through encouragement, prayer, and financially to allow them to share Christ to the world."

Dale Schuler, Missions Co-Director

Dale is retired from the State of Ohio. He has served Linworth Road Church not only in the missions and evangelism area, but also through the youth ministry and other areas for many years.

Mike Faler

"My greatest passion is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help someone understand for the first time the forgiveness of sins by the death of Jesus on the cross. I want to pass on not just knowledge and information to equip our church, but the desire and excitement to join in Christ's mission."

Mike Faler, Missions Co-Director

Mike is a retired school teacher and an pastor at Linworth Road Church. He has gone on many evangelistic mission trips around the world and is very involved sharing the gospel on college campuses.