Kingdom Investments

When we think about investments, we are told to think about the long haul and not the quick return. We want to make sure we have enough when it comes time to draw from what we have invested. That means we expect there to be a greater return than what we put in. Psalm 90 looks at our lives as investments and looks very carefully at the maturity dates. 


What Would Jesus Say to Linworth?

Seven churches in the ancient world received the most remarkable evaluation a church could ever hope for. Jesus' message to these select churches was given to the Apostle John and is recorded in the book of Revelation. To the faithful members of one church Jesus said, "Hold on to what you have until I come." A church's character and beliefs are not inevitable...they are the result of conscious choices. 

Gran Comision Managua

In Part 1 of this series, we focused on a mission all of us can tackle as individuals and families—hospitality for the sake of the gospel. In Part 2, we shifted to the mission of the church in reaching and renewing our city, specifically by church planting. This week, we will focus on our mission to reach the whole world, by celebrating our partnership with our sister church in Managua, Nicaragua. Three leading couples from the Managua church will share the story of how God has led and provided over the past ten years.