Drift: a slow and gradual movement of change from one place, condition, etc., to another.

A slow drift can be so gradual that it is unperceivable.  You can become convinced that you have attained something or arrived at a certain place, but be dead wrong.

Such was the condition of many of Jesus' contemporaries.  They had spiritually drifted for so far and so long that they lost sight of reality.  Their reference point for loving God was a barely discernible spot on the horizon.  They were so far removed that when Jesus spoke to them, their only wish was to silence His voice.

How about you and me?  Are we vulnerable to drift?  Will we finish strong?  Will our race end with the exhilaration of joy or agonizing regret?  Jesus' own example in this next segment of John's gospel lights a path for us to walk in.  Like him, we can finish strong with the expectation of eternal victory and sustained happiness.