According to one website, #happy is the 7th most popular hashtag on Instagram, being used over 317 million times. Yet, as you look around and interact with people, there seems to be a negative and pessimistic outlook on life. This makes it hard to believe that people are as happy as they want you to believe. At the same time though, there's no denying the fact that we all want to be happy. You could even argue that every decision we make, whether consciously or unconsciously, is an attempt to be happy.

The reality is that many of our decisions don't actually increase our happiness, but in fact hinder it. C.S. Lewis once said, "All men know that the true good is happiness, and all men seek it, but, for the most part, by wrong routes- like a drunk man who knows he has a house but can't find his way home." Again, as we look at our culture, and our own hearts, it would appear that Lewis is right. We all seek happiness, but most of us do so "by wrong routes."

For the next ten weeks, we are going to look at and examine some "new" and  perhaps "right" routes, that we can take to actually live faith-filled, joyful, and happy lives.