Free Medical Clinic

We offer well and sick office visits with a physician, including work/school physicals. Based on the physician’s professional judgments, patients may receive advice, prescriptions, blood sugar testing, urine testing or referrals to specialty physician free clinic or other healthcare providers.

We do not offer emergency medical services, immunizations, lab tests, pregnancy tests, gynecological services, surgery, specialty physician consultations or other invasive procedures.

On occasion, other services may be offered such as eye screenings, pharmacy, consultations, etc. including additional interpretation services upon request. Call ahead for more information.

Smoky Row Brethren Church
7260 Smoky Row Road
Columbus, OH 43235

4th Tuesday of each month
s begin at 6:00pm



  • Max income 200% of poverty level.
  • Uninsured or have medicaid or are medicaid-eligible
  • There is no requirement of age, citizenship, religious preference, or sexual orientation.