The Fully Courses


Our desire is that everyone who calls our church home would become fully alive, fully mature, and fully on-mission. In other words, it is our hope that we would know Jesus Christ, become more like Jesus Christ, and would join Jesus Christ on his mission to reach the world.

Fully Alive


This course explores the basic beginning point in our spiritual journey: who is God, how am I made right with Him, how do I relate to Him through prayer and the Bible? There is also significant time dedicated to individual questions.

Offered annually in the fall

Fully Mature


The goal of this class is to provide you with a foundation for growing toward spiritual maturity and becoming like Christ. We will look into justification, our identity in Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit, and practices and disciplines for sustained spiritual growth

Offered annually in the winter

Fully on-Mission


A growing relationship with Jesus is means joining Him in his grand vision. God has a plan that He is working to accomplish, since the creation to the world, to the coming of Christ and founding of the church. And that plan involves you.

Offered annually in the spring

Linworth 401: Missions & Evangelism Class


This course explores three areas: methods of evangelism, the message of the Gospel, and the messenger that God calls us to be.

Writing Your Testimony


Testimonies are beautifully and unarguably about the goodness and mercy of God - and we get to be recipients of that. Because we ourselves experience that grace and mercy, we each have a story about God that can only be told by us. This 2-hour workshop will cover the basic concepts of how to write your testimony as well as provide a template for you to make it easy to publish.