Sunday Preview: Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

In the last message, we saw the consequences of David’s sin with Bathsheba begin to play out. David's son Amnon rapes his half-sister Tamar, which leads to another son, Absalom, killing Amnon in retaliation. Eventually, that leads to Absalom challenging his father for the throne, which forces David to flee Jerusalem. In this message, we will pick up the story, and we'll see three main movements in the story. First, we will see David’s continued exile. Then, we will see Absalom’s downfall and death. Lastly, we will see David’s return to Jerusalem. During this period of David’s life, you really begin to wonder who is really in control. Is it David, Absalom, Joab, or is it God? As well, you wonder if God’s covenant with David will win out and triumph over David’s sin and mistakes. 
Join us this Sunday as Pastor Nick Carruthers dives into this story and seeks to answer these questions, as we continue in our series on The Unstoppable Kingdom, a study of the book of 2 Samuel.