May Linworth Life

Highlights from April...

  • 74 people gathered for the Easter Sunrise service. The Lifeline band provided the worship music, with Lifeline Director Alex Fabian giving the message. 
  • We had 14 new visitors on Easter morning.
  • Eleven new families attended the Linworth Homeschool Ministry Open House on April 6.
  • About 80 of us gathered to worship and pray at the Encounter worship event on April 27.
  • On April 29, over 200 participated in Orphan World Relief's 7th annual SuperHero Run. The race raised over $8,000 for orphans and kids at-risk as well as supported efforts for the Hilliard Davidson Band to buy new instruments for kids in their community. 
  • Three patients were treated at the Linworth Free Clinic in April.
  • Six families were served by the LRC Food Pantry in April.