April Linworth Life


Highlights from March...

  • A great crowd of friends and family came out to support A.J. Whitlatch and Luke Werbovetz, two LRC students who play for the Worthington Stars basketball team. 
  • Four women attended the Single Parents' Dinner on March 10. There was a presentation on nutrition with a Biblical perspective. 
  • Two residents accepted Christ at the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend (March 15-18), and numerous others reaffirmed their commitment to Christ. One man said he had never experienced love from anyone until this weekend.
  • 52 people attended the Grace-Based Parenting Conference on March 17.
  • 23 children participated in the LHM Speech Meet on March 23.
  • 43 people participated in the Cross Crew "You've Been Egged" outreach event.
  • On Good Friday, 175 of us gathered to worship, pray, and take communion in remembrance of what Jesus did for us on the cross.
  • Three patients were treated at the Linworth Free Clinic in March.
  • Eleven families were served by the LRC Food Pantry in March.