From Pastor Chris

Below is a recap of an announcement I made on Sunday regarding our move to one service over the summer months.  Please take a few minutes to review it. 
Also, remember that this Friday night is Encounter, an evening where we have very little agenda but to worship.  Our goal is to seek Him, meet with Him, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead.   
At our last Encounter the Holy Spirit led us to pray together for a man suffering from an illness.  With his permission, we are going to share an update to your sincere prayers.  God is answering and moving powerfully in this man’s life and we want to share what He is doing. 
The evening will include an opportunity for anyone to receive prayer.  Many of you have sought prayer on these evenings and been incredibly blessed sensing His love and comfort.  We have a God capable of doing anything. 
Then on Sunday morning we are excited to have Tom Short communicate the next message in our Empowered Series.  The theme is Empowered to Send from Acts chapter 13.  This pivot point in the book of Acts records the church’s initial missionary endeavors.  Tom speaks from a place of having traveled around the world engaged in the same mission that propelled Paul and Barnabas.
Finally, in the afternoon is the Orphan Run sponsored by Orphan World Relief.  Linworth is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event. If you are doing the Orphan Run, be sure to join us first service.  It is going to be an exciting weekend around Linworth.  We look forward to all that God is going to do. 
Alive by mercy,
Pastor Chris

Sunday Service Schedule Change (June 3rd thru September 2nd)
Over the last year, we have been discussing the merits of having one Sundaymorning service or two.  As you might expect, there are pros and cons under each scenario.  While we believe the decision is largely one of identity, mission and purpose, we cannot readily dismiss the practical and logistical questions. 
Your input through the process has been very helpful.  Thank you!  The elders have discussed the relevant issues and sought advice from those outside the church.  Most importantly, we have prayed fervently over this decision.  Presently, we do not yet possess complete peace with either direction.
Here is what we are going to do to discern our way forward; we would like to actually experience it.  So, beginning June 3rd, we are going to have one Sundayservice.  We will continue with one service through Labor Day, September 2nd.  The service will start at 10:00 am.  Many multi-service churches do this same thing over the summer, so it is not completely out of the norm. 
Halfway through the Summer we will seek your feedback and begin to evaluate.  By early August, we will make a final decision for moving forward --- either staying with one service or returning to two.  We will assess related to three things --- how it impacts our mission, our sense of community, and our children (both in terms of volunteers and logistics).  
We know whatever direction we choose will not please everyone.  Therefore, we ask everyone try to see the larger picture we are all aiming for; that is, creating a community that welcomes the spiritually lost and puts them on a pathway to become fully alive, fully mature and fully on-mission for Christ.

We are about making followers of Jesus, and this decision is ultimately is about the best strategy to accomplish that.