September Linworth Life

Highlights from August... 

Twelve LRC women traveled to Managua, and held conferences focusing on teaching girls and young women about commitment to Christ. 

Thanks to your generous donations, on August 12 we provided school supplies for nine single parent families, along with coupons for a free oil change. The parents enjoyed a picnic together while Lifeline students washed their cars and played with their children.  

Twenty people attended the Connections Appreciation Dinner on August 12. 

Linworth Road Academy is now Linworth Homeschool Ministry! They had 37 parents at a kickoff meeting on August 24 and held a meet and greet for families at Darree Field on August 25. 

Two people were treated at the Linworth Free Clinic on August 25

On August 26, 34 life group leaders gathered to review the last ministry year and plan for the coming year.