August Linworth Life

Highlights from July... 

Participants from Managua mission trips over the last ten years gathered for a reunion with the Managua pastors on July 1. 

The pastors and wives from Managua shared during a special celebration service on Sunday July 2. A delicious tamale lunch was served after the service.

The four members of the Taiwan mission team spent the first week in a cross-cultural exchange living with 50 students. The gospel was shared with the entire group. In week two, they held English classes at a university, and had many opportunities to share the gospel through Bible stories and their testimonies.

The East Asia mission trip focused on leadership and church development.

Twenty-two families participated in Sports Camp (July 10-12), including 37 adults, 53 children, and 38 volunteers.

Rachel Ranck was the speaker at the Linworth Sisters Merry Unbirthday Party on July 15. Forty women attended this fun and encouraging event.

The Lifeline high school ministry took 31 high school students and 11 adults to Impact Camp from July 24-28.

Three people were treated at the Free Clinic in July.

Six people attended the Fully Alive/Membership Class on July 30.