Weekly Bulletin

Love Your Neighbor

As a follow-up to our mission series, our challenge for you this summer is this: Invite someone far from God into your home and show hospitality in Christ’s name. Sharing a meal can catalyze a friendship and even a gospel conversation. You could invite an international student or your next door neighbor. You could have a quiet dinner or a block party. In the Fellowship Hall, we will visually record and see our combined efforts. Let’s take advantage of this summer to impact others for the Kingdom!

Membership Class
Sunday July 30 5-8pm

If you would like to attend our next membership class, please contact the office at office@linworthroadchurch.comby July 28. Dinner will be provided. However, there will not be childcare.

Managua Mission Trip Collection
Due July 30

The members of the Managua mission team will be bringing clothing, toys, and personal care items for distribution at the girls’ conferences and for other general gift giving. Please see this list if you would like to donate. The last day to bring items to the church is July 30.