Sunday Preview

In Part 1 of this series, we focused on a mission all of us can tackle as individuals and families. Rich Mendola of International Friendships showed us from the Scriptures the power of hospitality. Whether it is extended to a neighbor or an international student, hospitality for the sake of the gospel can have amazing outcomes. In Part 2, we shift to the mission of the church in reaching and renewing our city. Our strategy is to plant churches in spiritually needy communities where the gospel can be lived and proclaimed. To help us envision our future, we are reaching into our past. Terry and Kelly Lewis, who led a church plant from Linworth in 2000, are returning to tell their story. Joining them is a couple that embraced Christ during the beginning days of Grace Point Community Church. The Whitmans grew to leadership in the church and now intend to participate in a new church plant. 

Join us this Sunday for this inspiring and challenging message as we explore both the risk and reward of taking big steps for God and His church.