May Linworth Life


Graham Werbovetz, April 23

Graham Werbovetz, April 23

Highlights from April

About 15 people attended the Fully on Mission class 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, and learned about God's plan and strategy for reaching the world. 

Eight people attended the Membership Class on April 8th. 

The Genesis Study, a 12 week class taught by Cory Baugher, wrapped up on April 3rd. 

Forty-five high school students attended the Lifeline Lock-in on April 7th-8th. 

Three people were treated at the Free Clinic in April.

There was tremendous participation from so many over Easter weekend. Good Friday brought us back to the cross and the significance of the veil in the temple being torn. The Easter message was aimed at helping doubters examine the evidence for the resurrection. 170 adults joined us Friday night and nearly 500 on Sunday morning. We rejoice that so many guests we have never met heard a clear presentation of the life, death, and resurrection Jesus. Thank you to all who cooked a meal, contributed creatively, led music, passed out a bulletin, or greeted a guest.