Weekly Letter

Sunday Preview

Matthew 6:19-34
Exposing Idols

The ancient world was full of idols and idolatry. If we are not careful, we can deceive ourselves and think idolatry is not a problem in our day and age. The reality is our idols may be more subtle today, but they are no less prevalent or damaging. In this week’s passage Jesus exposes the idols of money/materialism, worry, and control. We will see that he exposes them because they hurt us and they paint an inaccurate picture of our heavenly Father.  


Prayer and Worship Night
Tonight! May 19 7-9pm

This year, we have placed a special focus on prayer. At various times throughout the ministry year, we have set aside time for extended prayer in our life groups. Please join us tonight as we gather as a whole church for a night of prayer and worship. In Ephesians 6:10, Paul writes, "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." Our theme will be “Strengthening One Another.” 

Water Bottle Evangelism

Every summer we ask for volunteers to hand out water bottles along with a printed gospel message at local Farmers’ Markets on Saturday mornings and at other special events (e.g., Red, White, & Boom). This is a great way to give the free gift of Living Water to the hundreds attending. We are looking for people (individuals, groups, or families) to join us in this fun act of evangelism. If you are interested or want more information, email missions@linworthroadchurch.com.

Revelation and the End Time
New Bible Study
Sundays June 4-July 30 6-7:45pm

What is the book of Revelation saying and how does it apply to us and our world today? The LRC pastors have differing perspectives on this question and hope to share them throughout this next year. One position is taught by Stu Bice, former pastor at LRC. We recommend this class that he and his wife Lynda will host at their home Sunday evenings June 4-July 30(except Father’s Day). If you are interested or have questions, email Stu at sbice04@gmail.com or call/text 614-506-8860 by May 29.

Linworth--Gran Comision Managua
Celebrating our Shared Journey
Sunday July 2 (one service at 10am)

We will celebrate our ten year partnership with our sister church in Managua, sharing the gospel and our lives together, and being united by Christ and a common mission. The Managua pastors and wives will speak during the service, followed by a church-wide lunch following the service.