Weekly Letter

Sunday Preview

Matthew 5:38-47
The Currency of Mercy

Everyone has a "currency" that directs how they interact with others. The currency could be money, status, job titles, physical attraction, or sex. People trade, barter, negotiate or withhold their currency from others to achieve their goals. It is reasoned: "Isn’t this how life works?" It is a world of recompense. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. Do good to me, and I will do good to you. It is also a world of retribution. Do me wrong, and I will return it. If insulted, I must respond, or I will be taken advantage of. If my rights are threatened, I must fight for them or lose all of my currency. Relationships work this way; corporations work this way; indeed, nations work this way.
Our series through the Sermon on the Mount continues this Sunday, and Jesus introduces His followers to a radically different currency. We might call this the “Ultimate Upside Down Teaching” because, according to Jesus, this quality will define us unlike any other. The actions flowing from this currency will set us apart. And in the days in which we live, this might be the most important evidence of God’s reality. Join us Sunday and invite a friend. 


Education Forum
Wednesday May 10 7-8:30pm

We have many choices when considering educational options. How do we decide which is the best fit for our children/family? If you have questions about public, private, or home schooling, please attend this Education Forum. There will be a presentation by former LRC member and Harvard graduate Matt Petersen, Ed.L.D., followed by Q&A with a panel of LRC parents who represent different educational options.

Prayer and Worship Night
Friday May 19 7-9pm

This year, we have placed a special focus on prayer. At various times throughout the ministry year, we have set aside time for extended prayer in our life groups. Please join us as we gather as a whole church for a night of prayer and worship on Friday May 19th. In Ephesians 6:10, Paul writes, "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." Our theme will be “Strengthening One Another.” 

Lifeline Parent Meeting
Monday May 8 7-9pm

Parents of high school students: please come to the Lifeline parent meeting May 8, from 7-9 pm, in the Youth Room. We will talk about summer camp and other upcoming events. It will also be a time to get to know Lifeline director Alex and his wife Heather. Refreshments will be provided.