Weekly Letter

Sunday Preview

Colossians 2:16-3:5
You Are Not a JV Christian

Some false teachers were wreaking havoc on the church in Colossae. They were seeking to shake the Colossians’ confidence in Christ and in his work on the cross for them. They essentially said, “Christ is not enough,” or “It’s Jesus plus other things.” To this, the Apostle Paul responds with an emphatic “No!” In Chapter 1, Paul beautifully described who Jesus is. In the beginning of Chapter 2, he described what Jesus’ death accomplished. Now, in the second half of the chapter, he begins to specifically address the legalism the false teachers were seeking to introduce. Legalism was a huge problem in Paul’s day, and it continues to be an issue in ours. In some ways, legalism is the default mo0de of the human heart, and so we constantly have to address it, expose it, and repent of it.
Come this Sunday as Pastor Nick Carruthers continues in our series on the book of Colossians.


Linworth Sisters Outreach Group
Sunday February 12 at 9:45am

The Linworth Sisters Outreach Group volunteers at a variety of charities and ministries once a month throughout the year. We love volunteering together and getting to know each other. If you would like to join us, there will be a kickoff meeting Sunday February 12 during first service at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall. For more information, email Marcia at women@linworthroadchurch.com.

Sunday February 26  

We would love to support you in taking a step of faith by being baptized. For more information, go to linworthroadchurch.com/baptism

Cross Crew Pancake Outreach
Sunday February 26  

Our Cross Crew Children’s Ministry is having a Pancake Breakfast Outreach for K-5th grade students and their guests February 26th during both services in the Fellowship Hall. Games, prizes, a magic show, and of course pancakes, will be part of the fun. Your child’s teacher will have invitations available for students to use in inviting a friend.