Weekly Letter

Sunday Preview

Colossians 3:1-17
Words Matter

In the first half of Colossians, the Apostle Paul paints an expansive picture of Jesus. He explains who Jesus is, why He is enough for us, and how we are joined to Him in His death and resurrection. In the second half of the book, Paul shows us how the crucified and exalted Jesus speaks into every part of our lives. He will touch on relationships inside and outside the church, racial and social barriers, marriage, parenting, and work. Nothing in our lives is left untouched by Jesus’ rule and reign. 
Join us this week for Pastor Chris Martin’s message, “Words Matter,” and include a friend.


Life Groups

Life groups help us connect with one another on a deeper level. Each group is unique, but each brings people together in community for loving God and loving one another. Throughout the week groups are meeting and studying the Word, serving, praying, meeting needs, and encouraging one another. Find a group that meets your needs and see what a difference community can make!

Welcome to Linworth Lunch
Sunday February 26 (after second service) 

If you are new to Linworth, we would like to invite you to a “Welcome to Linworth” lunch. This will be an informal time where you can learn about the church and ask any questions you might have. Join us from 1pm-2pm in Room P. RSVP to nickc@linworthroadchurch.com by 2/22. Children are welcome.

Cross Crew Pancake Outreach
Sunday February 26  

Our Cross Crew Children’s Ministry is having a Pancake Breakfast Outreach for K-5th grade students and their guests February 26 during both services in the Fellowship Hall. Games, prizes, a magic show, and of course pancakes, will be part of the fun. Your child’s teacher will have invitations available for students to use in inviting a friend.

Marriage Conference
Saturday March 18  

All married and engaged couples, please save the date for this year’s marriage conference. Come have fun and learn some practical skills for keeping your marriage strong. Start planning your childcare now. The event will last from approximately 4-9pm. We are excited to bring you more information shortly!