Weekly Bulletin

Culture and Theology
Friday, December 1, 7-10pm

Rapture? Tribulation? Millennium? All of these have been connected to what Christians call the Second Coming of Jesus. Since the first century, Christians have agreed Christ will return, but there have also been many disagreements. When will he return? What kind of kingdom will he establish? What is the meaning of the millennium? The goal of this educational forum is to help you understand these questions surrounding the return of Jesus, and also develop a meaningful conviction that impacts the way you live today. 

One on One Mentoring

Have you ever wished you knew more about the basics of your Christian faith? Have you ever desired to meet with someone one on one and talk through issues like salvation, baptism, and discipleship? If so, we would like to offer a one on one mentor who will lead you through discipleship material over the course of six sessions, with the goal of establishing you in the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. For more information, email Nickc@linworthroadchurch.com

Baby Dedication
Sunday December 10

Our next baby dedication will be on Sunday, December 10. If you wish to have your baby dedicated during one of our Sundaymorning services, please email office@linworthroadchurch.com.