December Linworth Life


Highlights from November...

  • Nine people attended the IFI Discovery Group Training on 11/11.
  • Nine new visitors attended the Welcome to Linworth Lunch on 11/12.
  • 55 people, including eight college student guests, feasted at the Nishizaki life group Thanksgiving dinner. 
  • 60 people attended the Town Hall meeting on 11/16, where a one service option was discussed.
  • Twenty people attended the Grief Share seminar on 11/18. A follow up group will be announced in January.
  • Eleven Thanksgiving meals for single moms and other families were distributed. 
  • Thank you to Phil Keeler for designing the new diaper bag tags for Cross Crew!
  • The College Group (II:XXII) is now an official OSU student organization. 
  • Two patients were treated at the Free Clinic on 11/28. A former patient also returned to receive prayer.
  • Sixteen families were served by the Food Pantry in November.