Read the Entire Bible in 2019

We are using the Lower Lights Publications 5-day reading plan to guide you into reading the whole Bible (both Old and New Testaments) over the course of 2019

Pastor Chris Martin

What one thing changes everything? It has been presented persuasively in several broad-based studies that daily reflection on Scripture is the number one habit that changes Christians. Yet for many Christians, this habit has either been abandoned or is approached with little enthusiasm.

When the Bible is described as capable of “refreshing the soul,” or “giving joy to the heart,” why do we neglect it? Could we see the Bible more as a rulebook than an invitation to a conversation with God? Could we see the Bible more as outlining an abstract shadow of God rather than uniting us to a Life-Giving Person? Whatever the cause, you have asked us to play a stronger role in catalyzing your devotion to God and this stand-alone message is aimed at meeting that need.